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Strangers Lovers gods

Strangers Lovers gods

Feb 21, 7:00pm - Feb 21, 8:30pm

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

Join us on February 21 for a triple-feature of woman-made video and film, featuring:

Emily Sasmor -- an encore screening of STRANGERS COWBOYS
Mariel Harari -- Put Your Face On, 2014, Cow Flower Dance, 2016,
Flytrap War March, 2016, Boob Steak, 2016
Hanna M. Owens -- highlights from a life, 2016, A Love Letter to
Sibel Kekilli's Pre-Op Nose

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BYOT: [Insert Clever Title Here]

BYOT: [Insert Clever Title Here]

Feb 25, 7:30pm - Feb 25, 11:00pm

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

One show down, ALL OF THE MORE to go! What's the theme? What will the artists make of it? You'll have to come to find out!

Still swimming about! This month we'll be at The Hairpin Arts Center (2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618) in Logan Square!

Suggested donation: $5


Matt & Allison Defiore, Mia Mehdaui, Jim Markus, Leslie Daley, Kendall Monaghan & Kate Moss, Nathan Boese

Katie Farmin, Jake Zappala, Nic Wehrwein, Rachel Flesher, Julie Butler, Matt Diel

Cassie Grindel, Dante Charlton, Joe Tornabene, Anuja Vaidya, Nathan Oelker, Michelle Limon, Rhi Frazzier, Yael Gabi, Greg Torbeck, Wesley Robinson, Kaleigh Locketti, John Cook, Mac Walton, Jonathan Salat, Matthew Johnston, Stephen Webb, Abhinaya Prithivi , Joe Fragoso, Robin Bousel, Mary Sobieski, Sarah Roberts, Chase Sanchez

Genevieve Noel, Matt Daddysman

Vinny Greco

Special Event
Spoken Word by Mike Butler-Lundquist

Megan Richards

What is BYOT? At the end of every month, five writers, five directors and a group of actors come together to create a never-before-seen show. Writers, Directors and Actors are randomly grouped at a meeting the night before and then the writers have until the following morning to write an original 10 minute play. After a presumably sleepless night, the writers hand off the theatrical baton to the directors and actors to rehearse until the performance!

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Dapper Ball presented by AMFM, Slo Mo and Boi Society

Dapper Ball presented by AMFM, Slo 'Mo and Boi Society

Mar 4, 8:00pm - Mar 5, 12:00am

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

DAPPER BALL is a celebration of androgynous swag, butch realness and queer culture. Prepare for an evening celebrating the king or queen within you as we roll out the red carpet for community to get your shine (and swag) on.

Hosted by Fawz Mirza & Ashley Tribble, the evening will feature performances, DJ sets by DJ Dapper & Slo ‘Mo’s Audio Jack, and a Soul Train style line dance where you can strut your swag for the chance to win prizes.

You will receive a complimentary drink upon arrival and have the chance to take your photo on the red carpet by Karmen Elaine. Chicago's sexiest cocktail bar, world renowned The Violet Hour will provide the cash bar featuring custom cocktails, beer and wine, which you can enjoy in the plush lounges provided by Humboldt House. The venue is wheelchair accessible via an elevator and will feature all-gender bathrooms. We are working with majority queer owned businesses to keep this project as "in the family" as possible!

As spaces for queer/lesbian/bi women shutter across the country, DAPPER BALL is a moment to celebrate our culture and self-expression through style, performance, dance and community connection. DAPPER BALL aims to be a welcoming space and invites all people who value or identify with the LGBTQ community to join the party. We believe swag is personal so how you express your style at the party is up to you!

Partial proceeds will benefit Trans Lifeline, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the well being of transgender people. Trans Lifeline runs a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people and are in need more than ever of our support. Consider giving to them at translifeline.org

About the producers:


Slo ‘Mo is Chicago's party for lovers with Kristen Kaza and Audio Jack. Its residency at the Whistler in Logan Square takes place the third Thursday of the month with special Satellite Slo 'Mo programs throughout the city. Slo ‘Mo is a party that unites people of all identities, bodies and expressions through the celebration of slow jams and community. More at www.slomoparty.com / @slomoparty


AMFM is a brand and space for artists and the people. We support emerging and established artists by offering a platform for them to showcase their talents and their passions on a larger scale through in-depth Q&A's and content with artists and creatives from all over the globe. AMFM curates and hosts events combining the arts to cultivate community and good vibes, and is known for their dynamic art and music events, like their monthly pop up Jazz Series in Chicago, and their large conceptual events. More at amfm.life / @amfmlife


Boi Society is a creative group of individuals who identify on the queer spectrum around the world. Our mission is to provide education of our community to develop a more positive relationship within society. This relationship will not only promote acceptance, respect and tolerance of all individuals regardless of their identity background, it will also raise awareness and support to the individuals who are members of our community. We are the most diverse illustration of a non-confirming lifestyle. We are not here to label. We honor and represent the entire queer community. More at www.boisociety.com / @boisociety

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ART Party: Spring Soiree

ART Party: Spring Soiree

Mar 25, 7:00am - Mar 25, 11:00am

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

Join us for our first ART Party: Spring Soiree, Exhibit, where we'll be having a conversation about Truth, through the lens of art and narrative. We'll be talking about the pieces and constructs through literature represented in the exhibit. This clever show will include a imaginative look at the art and the resourceful way in which it ties the account to truth as we know it. The conversation ties to the heart of the Art through lyrics, as well as an interactive talk between artists and the audience sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

Our goal is that you'll leave looking at truth in a new way or at least through a different lens.

Be ready to question, comment, and mingle!

Don't miss the ART Party: Spring Soiree opening:

Please join us on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hairpin Arts Center. A spring gala in Chicago.

Be a part of giving back to young artists, Spring Soiree scholarship foundation for aspiring artists! This events proceeds will go towards the Spring Soiree scholarship foundation for aspiring artists, incoming freshmen and continuing students. In these economic times scholarships are even more important for assisting deserving students, and we hope that you will continue to support our community of young artistic enthusiasts.

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