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Power Style Week - Part of Hip Hop Heritage Month

Power Style Week - Part of Hip Hop Heritage Month

Jul 18, 10:00pm - Jul 23, 7:00pm

Part of Hip Hop Heritage Month, several of Chicago's Hip Hop organizations/crews come together to bring the community a week of Hip Hop events showcasing Chicago Hip Hop from all the elements - DJ, MC, Bboy/Bgirl, Graff, and Knowledge!

A 2nd rendition of the original Power Style Fest by Reksick, Sindee, Teck and Illanoiz. We welcome everyone to come and support our efforts of showcasing Hip Hop culture in a positive light.

Chicago has always been plagued by the media as a city of violence. We want to show everyone that we are helping the community stay off the streets and to channel their energy into something positive.

Calling all DJs, MCs, Bboys/Bgirls, and Graff heads, and practitioners of HIp Hop. It's time to come test your skills! Show and prove! All under one roof. It's been while since we've had ALL of the elements battling under one roof!

7-18 THE EMCEE "DYNAMIC DUO" - 606 Hip Hop
-Hosted by Shadowmaster
-Resident DJ Boy Wonder and Power Style Mixmaster Moz Definite
-2 v 2 Emcee battle! That's right! Two emcees vs two emcees.
-Top 8 will battle 7-18 and the finalists will battle 7-22.
Judges -
Dirty MF
$200 prize and trophies!
-LOCATION: Subterannean Lounge 2011 W. North Ave.
10pm-2am. 21 and over. FREE!

7-19 "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" - Renegades of Funk
Hosted by Amina
-Hip Hop Gallery from past to present.
-Panel Discussion "How Chicago Hip Hop contributed to the world". In this portion we will discuss Chicago Hip Hop history and how it contributed to Hip Hop around the globe.
-Special guest the Midway Documentary team
-LOCATION: Columbia College. 1104 S. Wabash Room 705 (Screening Room) 7pm-10pm.

7-8pm Midway Doc screening and Q&A
8-9pm Renegades of Funk Gallery exhibition
9-10pm Panel Discussion "Chicago's contribution of Hip Hop - Past, Present, and Future"
All ages! FREE!!!

7-20 THE DJ "THAT SCRATCHING IS MAKING ME ITCH" - Chicago Turntablist Authority
-DJ Scratch Battle
-Judges - Toltech, Jmarz, RTST
-Finalists will battle 7-22
-LOCATION: Emporium Logan Square 2363 N. Milwaukee Ave. $10 Cover (You get $5 off Saturday's event). 21 and over.

-Hosted by Nerd
-Come kick off the weekend and enjoy great music by Power Style Mixmasters DJ Moz Def and Squadooble
-LIVE GRAFF BY BORE AND NERD - XMEN CREW! Black book session! Full bar!
-LOCATION: Camp/us 2883 N. Milwaukee Ave
6PM-Midnight. All ages! FREE!!!

All elements under one roof!
-Hosted by Kid Jungle, Bravemonk, Shadowmaster, and Ang13
-5 on 5 Breaking Battle! Top 8 only! Sign up at event FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! $500 prize and trophies!
-Judges - Adverse, Reksick, Daylight
-Finalists for the 2 on 2 emcee battle! $200 and trophies!
-Finalists for the DJ Scratch battle!
-DJs Moz Definite, Handzsolo, Edouble, and Illanoiz
-Full bar
LOCATION: Hairpin Studios 2810 N. Milwaukee. $15/door. It's all ages but music/MC's may not be all ages FYI!

7-23 "DOIN' IT AT THE PARK" - Renegades of Funk/Chi Rock Nation
3v3 Breaking Dojos "Sensei Series" (2 kids 13 and under, and one adult) for trophies!
Hosted by Kid Jungle
DJs Power Style Mixmasters and more!
Judges - Adverse, Blak Attak, LadyChamp
LOCATION: Eagle Statue in Logan Square. Intersection of Milwaukee, Kedzie, and Logan Blvd. FREE! ALL AGES! 2-7pm

GRAFFITI WALLS - Project Logan and Camp/us,

Shout out to all organizations and crews:
Power Style Radio
Chi Rock Nation
Renegades of Funk
Columbia College
Phaze II Crosstown Crew
Chicago Turntablist Authority
Que 4 Radio
Red Cup Radio
Tck Pro
Roldare Nation

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Off-Kilter Festival

Off-Kilter Festival

Jul 21, 6:00pm - Jul 21, 10:00pm

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Fl 2nd
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

002 Magazine Release

The kickoff of #OffKilterFest! Come celebrate the release of the issue 002 from Off-Kilter Magazine. Issue 002 is all about the storytellers. We featured Ravyn Lenae, Vincent Martell, Zoe Rain, Chelsey Carter and Kedrick Walker as our cover story. Join us for an art installation from Jane Georges. Special musical Performances from our favorite Chicago based musicians and bands.

4 Elements of Fashion

Curated by Amanda Harth of RUNWAY ADDICTS. This live fashion installation explores the four elements of fashion design. Colors, textures, lines, and shapes are usually the deciding factor when purchasing a garment. During the installation four designers will demonstrate the process of each of these elements.

Textile designer Margarette Baggott will demonstrate texture by weaving different textile samples on a loom. Artist and designer iicky genes will examine the element of color using multiple mediums on fabrics. Focusing on a crucial element fashion designer Mallory Fifer will construct a garment demonstrating the importance of Lines. School of th Art Institute graduate and fashion designer Jaja will demonstrate the shape of a garment with the live draping of a dress.

On that night attendees will have the chance to purchase products from the designers in our pop up shop.

Open Table: A Dinner Party

To end #OffKilterFest join us for an intimate night of caual converation, music and food. In collaboration with Parallel Event's "It's All Good" dinner series. Communal style influenced with a classic dinner party approach.

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The Art Box, Volume 1: The Exploration of Sound

The Art Box, Volume 1: The Exploration of Sound

Jul 23, 8:00pm - Jul 23, 10:00pm

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Fl 2nd
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

We are pleased to announce The Art Box, a series of three new work development workshops this summer as a resident company at Hairpin Arts Center in Logan Square!

Join us for our first workshop performance on July 23rd. The Exploration of Sound is conceived and co-directed by Aileen McGroddy and Austin D. Oie. This piece will define what music is in the context of the artist's work, breaking down the walls that sometimes inhibit one from full exploration.

Sunday, July 23rd at 8:00pm
Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

The performance is FREE.

The Hairpin Arts Center offers arts and cultural programming year-round, operating through the Logan Square Chamber of Arts. Their mission is to enhance a vibrant and diverse arts landscape for artists by providing Space, finding Resources, and creating opportunities for Collaboration, for the sake of great art. Hairpinartscenter.org.

We are so excited to explore with you.

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Guts Reloaded/Beneath

Guts Reloaded/Beneath

Jul 27, 8:30pm - Jul 27, 10:00pm

Hairpin Arts Center
2810 N Milwaukee Ave, Fl 2nd
Chicago, IL  60618 Map

Come join us for a double bill of multi-disciplinary art!
Free Admission.
Doors open at 8:30 pm for socializing and a cash bar. Performances begin at 9 pm.

"Guts reloaded is a movement piece which represents the cluttered mind of a woman. A woman who has tried to live by society's norms and expectations. This is a woman struggling to fit all these different criteria. The scene is a quiet shadow play. It slowly transforms into a chaotic, noisy, and colorful dance with different costumes and household objects. The sound is a mix between fragment from this interviews and noises which evoke different feelings to the audience. How much is enough? How long are we going to try to conform to this expectations? What will it take to make you break free?"

"Beneath" explores an uncanny sense of disequilibrium: What happens when boundaries are jumbled between north-south, inside-outside, public-private, sensation-emotion, gravity-flight? Coping with a rare neurological condition called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome that affects her sense of balance, Carole chooses to use her spatial dysmorphia as an aesthetic inspiration for this solo piece.

Verónica Rodríguez (Puerto Rico, 1981) is a director, writer, performer, actress and teacher. Veronica graduated in 2005 from the University of Puerto Rico within the drama department. During her career, she has imparted workshops and performed in Puerto Rico, England, Spain, Italy, Chicago and Detroit. During her University years she was awarded a residency program by Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico in 2003, to participate in a two weeks intense workshop on Meyerhold’s Biomechanics technique. At the time, she was also drawn to improvisation theater which she practiced for over 12 years. In 2005, she moved to Madrid motivated by her residency the previous year and her desire to deepen her theater practice. In Madrid, she founded alongside 6 other actors the company Quilosa, an improvisation theater company. Considering herself a constant learner she is always attending workshops and lectures from interesting theater companies or artist. A game changer in Veronica's work has been training with the company Teatro de los Sentidos. Their workshop “Poetry of the Space” was the missing link that helped her write, direct, and produce her first play “Desde mis Entranas”. Since 2012, she has been obsessed with breaking the fourth wall and letting the audience into her world, usually creating maze like multimedia installations or site-specific projects. Tapping into the audience’s deepest emotions, childhood dreams and hidden desires; making them an active part of every piece. Social expectations, gender roles, dehumanization of the modern world and labor are some of her favorite topics. Chicago has also provided a great platform for her performance art development. She is currently working with different local artist to create a revised version of her original immersive theater show “Desde mis Entranas”/ “Guts”.

stofer&stofer is an artist duo. The twin sisters Rebecca and Ruth (Swiss, 1982) graduated together in 2008 from the University of Applied Science and Art, Design&Art in Lucerne with the major in Fine Arts. They collaborate since 2008 and doing photography, multimedia installations and participated at many exhibitions. The artist twins are currently living in Chicago as they won an artist residency by the Sister-City Lucerne. Ruth is a visual artist, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, video engineer, video designer for theater, performances art and operas. She holds a master's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arts in Zurich since 2010. She worked as a long-term co-worker in the Schauspielhaus Zurich (Theater) in the video department. At the moment she works at the University of Applied Science and Art, Design&Art of Lucerne as an Assistance in the Master of Arts in Film and doing project works for the opera and multimedia performances. The next project is a video co-work with Chris Kondek (NY, Ex-Woostergroup member) for the opera Zurich «Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny» in this autumn. They work also seperated. Rebecca is a sound artist, sound designer and sound engineer for theater, dance and performances art, performer and photographer. She holds a second bachelor's degree in Music and Media from the University of Berne since 2011. At the moment she’s living and working in Lucerne. She is a co-worker in the Theater Lucerne in the sound department and she is a long-term member of the puppet theater «Splätterlitheater».

Carole McCurdy is a Chicago-based artist whose work addresses grief and anxiety, duty and resistance, and the absurd mysteries of embodiment. She received a 2016 Lab Artist award from the Chicago Dancemakers Forum and was a Fall 2016 Sponsored Artist at High Concept Laboratories. Last millennium she worked as a copy editor, but since then she’s been privileged to study with many masters of butoh, including Natsu Nakajima and Yoshito Ohno, and also with great teachers of Argentine tango. She has performed at spaces including the Chicago Cultural Center, Epiphany Dance, Links Hall, Hamlin Park, High Concept Laboratories, Defibrillator Gallery, and Movement Research (NY). www.carolemccurdy.com

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