Logan Square Map

An art exhibition about unity and connection in the face of gentrification.

Tonight’s Death & Taxes party celebrates the only two inevitabilities in life with Punk Rock, Noise and Nihilism. Musical Performances by AnimaliaBig Pussy & Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan ($5 donation)

Exhibition runs through April 26. Gallery hours are Wednesdays, 3-7:00 pm; Fridays, 5-7:00 pm; and Saturdays, 2-5:00 pm. See our calendar for other special events during this exhibition.

Artists Amie Sell, Aga Furtak , Attitude 7, Fernando Espinosa Herrera and Peaceflowartistry further explore the topic of gentrification in the Logan Square community. They are creating site-specific installations true to their mediums of sculpture, video, photography and painting. Last September, during the A Day in Avondale Festival, they came together to create a show titled <dis>place <re>create which featured the beginning of the Attitude7’s #GentrifiedCampaign and a re-installation of Amie Sell’s Home Sweet Home, that had been previously removed from the Milwaukee Avenue Art Festival for its content memorializing the mass evictions of Logan Square residents in 2014.

This exhibition will include:

  •  32 foot long woven site-specific installation by Amie Sell
  •  #GentrifiedCampaign and mural by Attitude 7
  •  surreal photography projections by Aga Furtak
  •  figurative puppet sculptures and video installation by Fernando Espinosa Herrera
  •  live painting & art-making by Peaceflowartistry

“Our collaboration will focus on connection, networks and unity, extending the ideas of home into the neighborhood,” says Amie Sell, “Displacement, loss of diversity and neighborhood change is a byproduct of development of the built environment and inflated exchange value capital. It is important that we find the space to focus on relationships, memories and interactions between people, the spark that creates true community value and life in the spaces between.“

“Gentrification has both positive and negative impact on a community and there are many perspectives and views”, says Gretchen Henninger, President. “We welcome these artists to the Hairpin for an informative and insightful exhibition and dialogue.”

April 18, 8–10 pm, Unity in Experimental Psychedelia & Prehispanic Sound: Musical Performances by Raiz Viva & Tarnation ($5 donation)

April 23, 7-8:30 pm, Screening of Right to Wynwood documentary & Presentation by Marcos Feldman, NEIU Sociologist about artist’s relationship to gentrification (free)