Logan Square Map

Open to the public.

Supported by the Chicago Community Trust as as part of the festival for A Day in Avondale, Two Lights Theatre Company and the Hairpin Arts Center kicks off a partnership with MR. FLUXUS.

Things happen on grass. Things happen on the bus. Things happen at the street and on Woodard Plaza. These things are happenings and they intend to extract joy and ridiculousness for you, the public. Things will happen intermittently on September 26th, 2015 between the hours of eleven o’clock and six o’clock on the corner of Milwaukee, Kimball and Diversey. Numerous vendors, musical numbers and neighborhood festivities are to be expected. Mysterious, spontaneous, and family friendly, this event is sure to turn heads. The public may pick up a map for ADIA festival upon arrival for a more intricate schedule of the MR. FLUXUS sights. Feel free to wear a bowler hat. Things will be more fun that way for the both of us.

Daniel Dvorkin – Two Lights Theatre Company

Two Lights Theatre Company is a band of theatre practitioners that fuses disciplines, perspectives, and media to explore beharior in contemporary culture. Intermedia in nature, the company curates cross-disciplinary exhibitions and artist residencies inspired by the texts they produce.

The partnership with Hairpin Arts Center will result in Art Forms in Flux, intermedia residencies and exhibitions from January – May, 2016, inspired by Two Lights’ next production of State Park by: Aaron Weissman to be directed by Krissy Vanderwarker.